Monday, January 28, 2008

A Renewed Love of Music.....

So, Ryan and I recently jumped on an opportunity to be a part of a cd exchange that a friend of ours is doing here in Columbus! Basically, the idea is that you gather music that either came out during or that you discovered in 2007, make a mix of it that pleases you, design a cover for the cd complete with a track list, burn copies for everyone in the group, and then exchange, ending up with a burned cd of new music from everyone else participating.

The idea is simple and brilliant. We haven't even gotten to the exchanging part yet and already I am getting hepped up on the art of music. Ryan and I spent a few hours on Saturday compiling our list (which is gonna be pretty awesome if you ask me), and I was blown away at how much I love listening to new music. Each song that we shuffled through made me exclaim something like "This is so good" or "Why don't we listen to this more often?" or "music ROCKS!" And, while music may not make me eloquent, I must say that I think music is one of the best art forms for invoking this kind of response (at least for me).

And, I feel like this concept could be used more to get people sharing music and, maybe, finding new, good stuff, which could, hopefully, in turn give local, independent musicians a larger listener base. AND, make them some more money for their artwork (which is a word that I love, because art is work, too! Just because artists enjoy what they do, doesn't mean it isn't work. Excellence requires effort! Ok, rant over... ). I know that hearing songs on a mixed CD first makes me more inclined to go out and buy more stuff and support artists! So, we've already got a CD and if you want to share with us, let us know and we'll do a little mini exchange!

Three cheers for music!

Third Thursdays, February!

The time has nearly come for yet another installment of our monthly event, Third Thursdays! For those of you who are new to this, Third Thursdays is a time where we feature an artist or several artists and and invite them to share something they're currently working on! This February, we will host Michael Neno, a local comic book artist and collector who will walk us through a selection of his work and lead a discussion on the medium of comic books, and his creative process. Michael has been drawing comic books since the age of nine and has received various accolades including the Governor's Award of Excellence from Ohio Governor, James A Rhodes, best mini-comic of the year from Small Press Feedback magazinee, and a Xeric Foundation grant. To see some of his work and read a little bit more about Michael, check out his website at

We will meet once again at 2595 Summit St. at 8pm on the third Thursday of the month, which, this month, falls on February 21st. Beverages and snacks will be provided. Good friends and great conversation will also be at hand. So, make sure you come out and enjoy all of the above.

And now, the much loved, and ever anticipated recap...

Where? 2595 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202
What? February Third Thursdays with Michael Neno
When? Thursday, February 21st at 8pm
Who? Comic book lovers, comic book enthusiasts or anyone who knows/doesn't know what a comic book is... ok, pretty much everyone
Why? rigatoni.

Hope to see everyone then!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Live blogging

Hey again, everyone!

I just thought I'd write a quick note to let you all know that our friend, Zach was doing some live blogging during the festival and has a pretty cool account of the festival up on his blog. If you want to check it out and get another look at what it was like, check out his blog at

That's it! Hope all's well with you!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year's Festival Survey

Hello, Everyone! Once, again, we'd like to say thanks to all who came to the Festival and to all who contributed in some way to it. As we're planning next year's Festival, we wanted to gather as much feedback as possible. So we set up an online survey that we'd like you (yes, you!) to take.

It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to answer the questions. We value ANY feedback, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. that you have to offer.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to e-mail us at info [at]

Thanks very much!
The Geese

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Festival of Festivals!

The First Annual Wild Goose Creative New Year's Festival has come and gone, and what a festival it was! Over a four-day period, we presented 12 workshops, 4 mainstage performances, and enough food to feed an army! So, how did we do this?

First, a History:

New Year's 2006-2007, the Hokes, Boettchers, and Dekkers had been together as "Wild Goose Creative" for about 3 months and were planning a New Year's Party. Many were invited, and surprisingly, many came! In fact, roughly 20 people came and stayed for 2-3 days! The weekend was a blast, and new friends and connections were made. So that got us thinking...if we could have a fun, inspiring weekend with virtually no planning, what would happen if we put some thought into it?!

In Summer 2007, the ladies of Wild Goose Creative met and envisioned a weekend where old friends could meet new, art could be shared and discovered, and the New Year could be welcomed in, Wild Goose style! Thus the Wild Goose Creative New Year's Festival was born!

Now, This Year!:

The weekend started off with a flurry of preparation activity on Saturday, readying the generous hosts' houses for guests (5 houses opened their doors to over 19 guests for 3 nights, enabling people to come without paying for hotel rooms...what a blessing!), and prepping 6 giant meals for 40 people each, as well as a full-blown New Year's bash! People started arriving mid-afternoon, and the reunion fun began, as old friends reconnected, and new friends were made! Saturday evening's meal was a multitude of soups and breads, followed by a rousing Improv show, featuring some of Calvin Alumni's finest Improv-ers! Over 40 people attended the show in the Dekker's living room, which was a cozy place to double over with laughter!

The next morning broke late as most of the festival goers headed to Central Vineyard, the Geese's church of choice here in Columbus! Afterwards, we broke into two groups for lunch at some of our favorite eateries, Taj Mahal and North Market. After lunch we started workshopping with Nick and Terry Schoone-Jongen and their world-famous film, Bible! The Musical, as well as Beth's Polymer Clay workshop. The Gallery opening at Rumba Cafe down the street was next, curated by Jessie Boettcher and Emily Cable, and featuring 5 Columbus artists! We were even asked by the owner if the art could remain in place for the remainder of January! (The pieces are selling fast, so stop by if you'd like to take a look!) Back to the Dekkers now, with Karl and Nick's mellow jazz stylings, accompanied by Andy Anderson's sweet poetry. At Rumba, Kal Poole and Christina Ritter helped people "Brush up their Bard" with a Shakespeare acting workshop!

Dinner was a delicious taco bar, followed by cheesecake (the true foil to taco's spiciness!), and then our first main stage performance by Calvin Alum New York City singer/songwriter Rachel Zylstra ( at Rumba Cafe. This amazing performance was attended by festival goers and the public alike, and was clearly well loved! Afterwards, we headed back to the Dekkers for our special greeting of the New Year, Night Before Last. This collective performance was a mixture of songs, poetry, readings, and collaborations of pieces tributing the last year, and looking forward into the new one.

Monday started with a plethora of workshops, including an Improv class, Floral Design, Sushi and Gocco Screenprinting, as well as a last-minute addition of Karl's Barista workhop. Lunch was provided by the Rumba Cafe buffet-style and we headed back into workshopping with Craft Beer Tasting and Chocolate Tasting, a performance by Jacqui Hoke, Swing Dancing, and a class on a printing form called Trace Monotype.

After a light dinner of subs and chips, the festival crowd headed out to Rumba to see our last mainstage performance, Common Shiner, a West Michigan Calvin-roots band who rocked the house! It got everyone in the mood to party, and we all headed back to the Dekker's for one last blow out in 2007! And, with a rousing chorus of Auld Lang Syne, we welcomed in 2008!

Everyone awoke late the next morning, as you may imagine, and we got together for one last meal, a big breakfast featuring 2 quiches, 40 pancakes, 3 gallons of juice, and 8 pounds of bacon!

It was an amazing, inspiring, perfect weekend that is still resonating amongst the 40+ people who were able to attend. Connections and collaborations are still being made and art is still being created. And, in all of this, we are able to truly thank and praise our God who made it happen!

Mark your calenders for next year, and stay tuned for the next Wild Goose Creative production!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Third Thursdays January!

Well, we recently finished off our major event of the year: our New Year's Festival (much more to come on this soon!), and now we're back to the monthly Third Thursday rhythm. We're starting the year with Libby Glover, a fantastic talent and one of our long time friends (really long time for those of us {Jessie} who are related to her). Libby is going to read some portions of a novel she's been working on that will ultimately be tailored toward a younger crowd and revolves around the fairy world.

This month the Third Thursday falls on the 17th and we'll start at
8pm like usual. We'd love to have all of you come and please feel welcomed and encouraged to invite your friends (especially those of the younger persuasion, whom we assure you will enjoy a good bed time story Wild Goose style). We're extremely excited to finally have Libby joining us in this capacity and we really hope that you'll come to be a part of the fun. Because as Ephraim Gotthold Lessing (that dear old fella, whom we all know and love :)) once said,

"It is not children only that one feeds with fairy tales."

2595 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202
What? Third Thursdays January: Libby Glover!
When? Thursday, January 17th at
Who? all of you and all of the chidlers (sorry, BFG reference)
Why? Because we all need to take a little more advice from Ephraim Gotthold Lessing...we've been ignoring him for far too long!

Hope to see you there!