Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, I forgot to do this earlier, but I thought that it was important to do; I wanted to post about our new logo! It is pretty awesome and we are very excited about it. We're already coming up with 15 new things a day that we can put it on. (And you are welcome to add to the lot if you have any brainstorms!) But, without any further pomp or ado, here is the Wild Goose Creative logo:

Christmas Presence

Happy post-Thanksgiving, everyone!

And as we all know, with the passing of Thanksgiving comes the beginning of what can be a crowded Christmas season— full of errands, parties, decorating, family, shopping, traveling, gift wrapping, baking and...gasp…

an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the joy and mystery of the season with this December's Third Thursday: Christmas Presence.

This month we're taking the time to beckon Christmas in the best way we know how: with art, community and celebration. We'll spend an intimate evening together capturing the heart of the holiday with poems, stories, music and revelry shared by some of our favorite Wild Goose artists and friends! It will be an evening to remember and a great way to truly mark the presence of Christmas.

Where? 2595 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202
What? Third Thursdays December: Christmas Presence
When? Thursday, December 20th at 8pm
Who? You and your holiday cheer.
Why? Because this is a very busy season and we all need to set aside time to take a breath.

Can't wait to see you all then!

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