Saturday, September 20, 2008

Independents' Day continues!

Things down here on Gay St. are still hopping! Since the football game has finished, the crowds have gotten bigger. Above is a look at Pearl Alley, another part of the venue.

A lot of great Columbus food vendors are out, including Jeni's Ice Creams and the Rad Dog cart.

There are some artists showcasing works-in-progress, too. Here's a guy from the Couchfire Collective doing some wood-working.

Plus a lot of good music! This is the Pearl Alley stage being set up for a next performance, while a busker solos nearby.

A group of artists is currently painting a mural, in part as advertisement for Urban Scrawl in Franklinton next weekend. We'll be there, too!

And the piece de resistance! A picture with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman! He's been out strolling the festival this afternoon. Notice my Wild Goose Creative shirt! Does this mean we can claim his endorsement?

Live from Independents' Day!

Did you know that today is Independents' Day? Well, it is in Columbus, Ohio! It's a celebration of Columbus as the Indie Arts Capital of the World. A large number of art, craft, music, and food vendors are getting set up on Gay St., which has been closed off for the day.

I'm currently sitting at the Wild Goose Creative booth. We've got a basic setup of some T-shirts, tote bays, and stickers for sale, plus a lot of buttons, tattoos, and event schedules to give out!

So stop on by. Some of us will be here from 12-7!

Friday, September 19, 2008

PARK(ing) DAY with Wild Goose Creative

Will, Maeby, and I just got back from a walk to visit Jessie and Andy in front of the NEW Wild Goose Creative space on PARK(ing) DAY!

They have camped out in an actual parking space for the day to turn it into a little oasis on the streets of Columbus.

Parking Day is a larger event that started in San Fransisco a few years ago, and Jessie and Andy decided to put the Goose stamp on the event!

You may also notice that lil' old red brick building behind them...that may or may not be our new space...

Stay tuned to find out! And stop by and say hey to Jessie and Andy today, Friday, September 19th!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NEW EVENT: Fairy Tales by Firelight

Tomorrow night join us in the warm glow of candlelight as Karl Boettcher, fairy tale aficionado, and a troupe of intrepid performers bring to life fanciful tales gathered from across the globe. Ranging from poignant and peculiar to wild and whimsical, these timeless tales open secret worlds, shine new light into our own, and hint at our deepest loves, fears and hopes. Help us christen our brand new space with this evening of intimate story telling! S'mores provided!

DATE: Tomorow, Thursday, September 18th
PLACE: Our new space! 2491 Summit St.
TIME: 8:00pm

NOTE: Thursday's original event, Nathan Smart and Matt Eyer's multimedia comedy showcase: Blank, Blank, Party Time, Excellent presents "I'm Telling You for the Last Time... Tonight.” has been rescheduled to Thursday, November 20th at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Park(ing) Day

Andy Taylor and Jessie Boettcher (hey, that's me) are heading up Wild Goose Creative's run at Park(ing) Day this Friday! What is Park(ing) Day, you ask? A few years back, some folks in San Francisco (the minds behind the REBAR arts collective) turned an ordinary parking space into a park for a day--they rolled out some sod, paid the parking meter, and created a gathering point for people in a site where usually we just leave cars for a little while. The idea was straightforward and compelling, and people in cities across the US borrowed the idea. Some groups use the event to draw attention to issues around environmentalism and sustainability--there is a whole group of people who will be turning several spaces into parks for the day in downtown Columbus as a commentary on the heavy proportion of our city given over to asphalt for parking cars. Other groups encourage people to simply relax and connect in the midst of busy city space. Others seek to remind passersby of the vitality and importance of our public parks by placing them in an unexpected place.

To celebrate Park(ing) Day, Andy and I are going to occupy one of the parking spaces out in front of Wild Goose Creative's new space on September 19--we'll arrive at about 9 am and pack up at about 7 pm. We'll have a little shade, probably some games going on, good conversation, some sidewalk chalk to create temporary decorations. We invite you to stop by, spend a little time with us in a temporary park, and participate in getting to know our neighborhood by offering a little public gathering place there. We'd love to see you! But if you can't make it because of time or distance, watch this blog where we will be posting pictures, stories, and thoughts during the day of the event.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WGC at Independents' Day!

Come visit the Wild Goose Creative booth next week Saturday, September 20 at Pearl and Gay streets in downtown Columbus! We'll be set up at the Independents' Day artists fair starting at noon, handing out swag, selling some stuff, giving out some event schedules, and generally talking with artists and audiences about what we do and how to get involved.

Come say hi and check out all the food, music, galleries, and much more as we celebrate the Indie Art Capital of the World: Columbus, Ohio!