Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GEEKFEST 2010: June 16-19

We're opening our doors to celebrate geek culture! If you are a comic book fan, superhero fanatic, film buff, gamer of any description--or if you wish you were--you are welcome!

Wednesday June 16 (FREE)
7pm Gallery Opening: Hey Kids!: A History of Comic Book Advertising
Throughout Geekfest we will be featuring Hey Kids! : A History of Comic Book Advertising,” a exhibition curated by local artist Michael Neno. The exhibit will feature over 60 ads from the 1930s to the present. In addition to classic ads for Charles Atlas, with their sand-kicking bullies, X-Ray Specs and 'Sea Monkeys,' the exhibit will feature a diverse array of obscure, bizarre, charming and unintentionally funny appeals--from the earliest ads for video games to the anti-drug ads of today's comic books.

Thursday June 17
7pm Forbidden Kingdoms: The Art and Science of Roleplaying Games
Gaming enthusiast and actor Karl Boettcher sees a natural link between roleplaying and the stage, and he leads a group of gaming actors in a roleplaying demonstration/performance for you. This event is designed to share with an audience of experienced gamers and the inexperienced alike the awesomeness of communal improvisational storytelling. Come learn about roleplaying, and experience a cool story!The setting is Edinburgh, just before WWII. A steam train puffs in the distance, on a gleaming steel bridge across the Firth of Tay. Danger and intrigue await those who ride upon it! Will our heroes ride into glory or will our foes manage a great destruction?

Friday June 18
8pm Sketch by Number presents an hour of geeky sketch comedy
Local sketch comedy team Sketch by Number produces unique, fast-paced, audience-participatory comedy, and they get their geek on in a frenetic hour on the Wild Goose Creative stage. This is a team of talented performers, not to be missed.

9:30pm Nerdcore Rising: a film
Nerdcore: what happens when you mix hip-hop and computer-obsessed geeks. Nerdcore Rising follows MC Frontalot, the "godfather of nerdcore," on his first national tour to reveal to roots of the genre, the dorky complexities of its artists, and one MC's fight for nerd stardom. The film features Weird Al Yankovic, Jello Biafra, Tycho and Gabe, Brian Posehn, MC Frontalot, MC Kris, MC Lars, and a slew of other nerdcore artists and commentators. Come for your opportunity to see this film in Columbus!

Saturday June 19
9pm Video Game Costume Party
Come dressed as your favorite video game character -- anything from Link to Luigi to Liu Kang. Can you manage a Tetris block? We think maybe you can! There'll be door prizes, a variety of prizes for costumes, wicked video game music, and vintage and modern video game competitions, as well as cool gaming-themed food! Some of the proceeds will be donated to Free Geek Columbus, a local organization that provides computers to under-resourced populations.

Laughing Ogre Comics
Wholly Craft!
Fuse Factory
Vaguely Qualified Productions
Whistling in the Dark Theatre

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