Monday, July 21, 2008

Website updates and upcoming events!

Hello, Goose Community!

Due to some computer malfunctions, the Wild Goose Creative website will not be updated for a few days. You can still surf the site, read people's profiles, buy swag, and check out the community bulletin board, but the Events pages will not be updated for awhile.

In the meanwhile, we wanted to highlight some of our upcoming events:
  • On Sunday, August 5th, cook Deneen DeRodes and photographer and graphic designer Robin Oatts will join us explore the theme of preservation. Learn the timeless art of canning peaches, and how to preserve them in jars and on film!
  • hursday, August 21st, musician Matt Beckler will wow us with his indie folk rock compositions!
  • And keep your eyes peeled for some New Year's Festival save-the-dates, going out soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome to the flock William Isaac Dekker!

At 7:48 p..m, July 3, 2008 William Isaac Dekker officially became the first Wild Goose Creative gosling! Weighed in at 9 lbs. 13 oz., and stretching 20.5 inches Will is a strong, healthy, and beautiful baby!

Nick and Beth are both doing well and plan on bringing their new bundle of joy home from the hospital tomorrow--thanks to everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers! Make sure to check out Nick and Beth's blog for news on Will as he settles in to life with mom and dad.

Will will no doubt be a dedicated patron of the arts so if you're lucky (and/or it's not past his bed time...) you may be able to meet him in person over the next few months at some of our events!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canadiana Part 3

Sorry (pronounced soar-ree) to all those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for another edition of Canadian gems. I have taken a hiatus, but I'm back. Since last writing, I've met a fellow Canadian in my community and had some much needed conversations with my Canadian family members, which have reminded me of just how awesome and yet different Canada really is. Plus, I celebrated yet another Canada Day, yesterday. Happy 141st Canada!

This edition's featured piece of Canadiana is not an artist, but a piece of art created by many Canadians. It was actually the raison d'etre for this series of blog-posts, and I was waiting to use it until I felt I could do it justice, but I've come to realize that I don't think I'll ever do it justice, and thus am diving in and giving it my best shot.

That may sound like an overdramatization, but I really do think that this product of Canadian culture is incredible and should be seen by all. In the great words of Destiny's Child, I don't think you're ready for this jelly....

It's a TV show, and it's called Slings & Arrows. And, yes, (you clever devils), as the name suggests, it does have to do with Shakespeare. It's a TV show that is centered around a fictional (though very Stratford-esque) Canadian Shakespeare festival. It gives a window into the ups and downs and ins and out of life and work in the theatre; and, on a bigger level it raises a lot of interesting questions about art vs commerce, love, life and what it means to be an artist. It's simultaneously dark, hilarious, rye, moving and incredibly crafted. Co-created by Mark McKinney, of Kids in the Hall, playwright and actress, Susan Coyne, and Tony award winning playwright, Bob Martin, the show is brimming with talent. If you needed another reason to believe the (maybe-not-so-far off) misconception that Canadians are all incredibly talented, this show will give you your evidence.

I've spread the joys of Slings & Arrows around to as many people as will listen, and it seems that whether you care about theatre or not, this show hits on something bigger. And, with Canadian-culture mainstay and extraordinary talent, Paul Gross as the protagonist, it's no wonder that this show is mindblowing--he's truly amazing and passionate about creating and sustaining good Canadian art. Every time I watch an episode I can't help but audibly marvel at the talent of the cast and writers, and at the Canadianness of it all.

Ryan bought me all three seasons for my birthday last year, and I will gladly have you over to watch it if you're interested, which I truly believe, no matter who you are, you should be.