Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, I forgot to do this earlier, but I thought that it was important to do; I wanted to post about our new logo! It is pretty awesome and we are very excited about it. We're already coming up with 15 new things a day that we can put it on. (And you are welcome to add to the lot if you have any brainstorms!) But, without any further pomp or ado, here is the Wild Goose Creative logo:

Christmas Presence

Happy post-Thanksgiving, everyone!

And as we all know, with the passing of Thanksgiving comes the beginning of what can be a crowded Christmas season— full of errands, parties, decorating, family, shopping, traveling, gift wrapping, baking and...gasp…

an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the joy and mystery of the season with this December's Third Thursday: Christmas Presence.

This month we're taking the time to beckon Christmas in the best way we know how: with art, community and celebration. We'll spend an intimate evening together capturing the heart of the holiday with poems, stories, music and revelry shared by some of our favorite Wild Goose artists and friends! It will be an evening to remember and a great way to truly mark the presence of Christmas.

Where? 2595 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202
What? Third Thursdays December: Christmas Presence
When? Thursday, December 20th at 8pm
Who? You and your holiday cheer.
Why? Because this is a very busy season and we all need to set aside time to take a breath.

Can't wait to see you all then!

for Wild Goose Creative

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hayseed sings!

He really does! And he's really darn good too! I was listening to Hayseed's stuff today and it made me want to post and say that all of you should come to Third Thursdays this month. If you need details again, please email me. But, seriously folks, this will be a good time! Check out his stuff at www.hayseedsings.com or www.myspace.com/hayseedsings

See you all Thursday!

Calvin, Calvin, sing we all to thee, dear alma mater, we pledge fidelity...

A few weeks ago the Geese migrated northward to the mitten state for a long weekend of creative fun. We headed up to Calvin College our alma mater to share the story and vision of Wild Goose Creative. It was a great time. Calvin was so hospitable (putting us up in the on campus hotel, picking up some of our meals, etc.), especially Dave, the director of theatre.

Overall our time up north was a great big grab bag of events.

We spoke at several student luncheons getting to hear from some of Calvin’s best and brightest about their plans for the future and even got to put our nexus skills into practice, suggesting connections for the students to pursue.

We also lead a play reading workshop which was really fun—sort of a Third Thursday style affair in which we read though several first drafts of some innovative and creative student works. It was great to be able to dig in and work with the students on pieces they were interested in; hopefully our time with them gave them some new insights.

Lastly, but not...leastly, we did a large group presentation on the ins and outs of Wild Goose for the Calvin Theatre Company class. “CTC” for those who like acronyms (and who doesn’t like a good acronym?). We spent our time with them sharing the Wild Goose Creative history and mission and hopefully wove thrilling word pictures about the exciting things we're working on here in Columbus. Our hope is that some of them will come and be part of the Wild Goose Creative Internship Program, which will be starting as early as next summer. By the looks of the student contact list that we started, we shouldn’t have too much trouble finding some willing souls!

In general, heading back to Calvin was really rewarding since living and working in that place during our formative years played an important role in inspiring us to do what we’re doing with Wild Goose Creative. And it didn’t hurt that we got to enjoy the nostalgia of college from the comfort of our Prince Conference Center hotel rooms. Continental breakfasts (with daily waffle bar!), and an endless supply of towels can go along way to making you feel that all is well with the world.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Third Thursday with Wild Goose Creative

Here's some info about an upcoming event that we'll be hosting. We call it Third Thursdays because it takes place on the third Thursday of every month.......

This month we welcome Hayseed (aka Christopher Wyant) and some of his musically talented friends to Third Thursdays! Hayseed is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Western Kentucky and who has been hailed as a great, by some other greats. Here's what Grammy winner, Lucinda Williams had to say about him:

"Hayseed is, in my mind, on the same level as Bob Dylan and Neil Young and Van Morrison. That's just what I think, that's my opinion, for what it's worth. I don't say that about everybody who comes down the pike..."

Clearly, this is going to be an event that you won't want to miss! And, please invite any and all of your friends; we welcome the lot of them! If you'd like a little more info about Hayseed, check out his website at www.hayseedsings.com or his myspace at www.myspace.com/hayseedsings

And now, the details....

Where? 2595 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202
What? Third Thursdays with Hayseed and friends
When? Thursday, November 15th at 8pm
Who? You and your friends, and your friends' friends, and your friends' friends' friends, and....
Why? You can't know 'til you try it

We look forward to seeing you all there! Let us know if you have any questions!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wild Goose goes blogging!

Welcome to the Wild Goose Creative Blog! We're hoping to use this space to let people know about events that are forthcoming and to keep people up on what we've been doing. If you have any thoughts about things you'd like to hear about or see on this blog, comment about it and let us know! Thanks and as we like to say, welcome to the chase!